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S.I.P. PSYCHE: Anxiety, Crazy Dreams, & The Need To Patrol w/Dr. Avrille Polack - Heroes 101 Radio



Sleep? What's that??

Are you having strange dreams? Is your anxiety/depression/fear a constant companion? Do you (now more than ever) want to go outside for a homeless outreach event or patrol? 
You're not alone. 

We've invited one of our favorite psychologists, Dr. Avrille Polack to join us. We'll discuss ways to help you cope while still trying to save the world. Another great episode for RLSH and all you other heroes. 


Night Watch? who is he? & What's he all about? Awesome!! - RLSH 2.0



RLSH 2.0 Radio Interviews Night Watch of the Xtreme Justice League. In this episode he shares about what he does in his outreaches, Patrols, inspiring stories, and also what it means to him about being a Real Life Superhero!


Gear Fails (Pt.2) With Red Ranger and Justin Service. STORIES? TIPS? and MORE?? - RLSH 2.0



In this part 2 episode in conclusion of our two part series in Gear Fails: Red Ranger and Justin Service of the RLSH(Real Life Superhero) Community share quick tips and tricks and Stories of On Patrol situations of gear malfunctions, safety, and More!


Netflix, Toilet Paper, & Quarantinis - A COVID-19 Show For RLSH - Heroes 101 Radio



Everywhere you look, there are instructions on how to help yourself and others during this pandemic. But where can you find advice and information on what to do when you're used to being the one who helps? WHO HELPS THE HELPERS?

In this special episode, Rock, Impact, and 'Bug will discuss how to make/find survival essentials, whether RLSH should even continue patrolling during this time, and we'll do a check-in to see how RLSH are handling the quarantine in their areas.

Tune in Tuesday, March 24th @ 7pm PT/10pm ET!


Thanks everyone for taking time out from your busy social isolation to join us tonight: Red Ranger, Zyklon B, Brennan Cox, and SkyMan on the phone lines and Spectral Hawk, Discordia, Lumin-il and Brouwer0715 in the chatroom!

See you next week for Frank Todaro (aka the current voice of Starscream on Transformers: War for CyberTron), and hopefully you can catch the lovely Roxanne Cai's online concert on Thursday:

Take care everyone, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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Gear Fails, Part 1 - RLSH 2.0



In this part 1 episode of our Two Part Series we talk with Death Moth's Head(DHM), Justin Service, and Red Ranger from the Real Life Superhero Community about things to carry and what not to carry for Patrols that are practical. Stay Tuned for Part 2 Next Week on March 26 when we share epic Stories of interesting gear fails while on Patrols!


Liars, embellishments, a rapist among us, and Covid-19 —- OH MY! - Super Yourself


The crew talk some serious issues like liars, embellishment, finding a rapist among us, and dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Even with these serious topics the shows still hilarious and you get some good info and insight.


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RLSH: What is it? What's it all about? Learning something new - RLSH 2.0



Tonight, RLSH 2.0 Interviews with Citizen Tiger of the Xtreme Justice League who shares his experiences in not only the XJL but being an RLSH overall, we'll also talk a little bit about the COVID-19 situation and we share safe simple prevention tips that YOU can use to avoid being infected yourself.

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