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RLSH: What is it? What's it all about? Learning something new - RLSH 2.0



Tonight, RLSH 2.0 Interviews with Citizen Tiger of the Xtreme Justice League who shares his experiences in not only the XJL but being an RLSH overall, we'll also talk a little bit about the COVID-19 situation and we share safe simple prevention tips that YOU can use to avoid being infected yourself.


How Can We Help? Problems Vs Solutions, Round 1 - Heroes 101



It's "Avengers, Assemble!" 

Not, "Avengers, Assemble when you get your costume together, or raise $200 for outreach supplies, or get more teammates, or ..."

You've got problems, sure. Who doesn't? But what are some real-life superheroes doing that keeps them able to help their communities (even when they're broke, depressed, alone, etc.)? 

In this episode, we're inviting you to bring your reasons/roadblocks and we're inviting our fellow RLSH to bring suggestions and solutions. Let's work this out and strengthen our hero game!

Tuesday, March 10 at7 PM PST


Full phone lines tonight!
Thanks to all our callers:
Brennan Cox, Red Ranger, Vector, Pixi Styx, Discordia, Skye Knight, and Dark Defender, as well as chatroom lurkers Spectral Hawk, flycatch, and deflykt.
We'll see you for Part Two of this discussion in three weeks!
Here are a few relevant links we mentioned on-air tonight to tide you over:
RLSH Locator Map (Impact):
RLSH.net and the RLSH.net wiki (Discordia):
Novels by Treesong:
Adventures of Miss fit (featuring Missy Fitzgerald):

“I got a Bandaid for your Ass” - Super Yourself


A firey discussion that is bound to anger some people. We talk about reactions to a previous podcast and MJ’s video. The gang cuts loose on some of the negativity. How crime fighting has been erased from what a RLSH does. We discuss that the Golden age is far gone, training, what is a real life superhero, problems, solutions, and the future of real life superheroes.


Honoring Black History Month - Super Yourself



Citizen Tiger of the Xtreme Justice League interviews Dark Defender of the Justice Alliance Initiative and shares his experience as an African American RLSH and mentions many other topics such as: Real Life Superheroes, Race, Racism, and of course Black History.


Zetaman Interview - Super Yourself

I did an interesting interview on the super yourself podcast discussing real life superheroes and the arrest of Phoenix Jones with the one and only Zetaman
Also he’s raising funds for March for Babies
Please donate to a good cause

RLSH Basics: Doxxing & Other Ways To Do RLSH Wrong - Heroes 101 Radio


Rock, Impact, and NightBug are back! 

They've been busy opening businesses, accepting new positions, and handling life, but now they're back and they're ready to help rock your superhero game by offering all the advice on how not to be the worst RLSH ever. 

The world doesn't need any more apathetic, bitter, wreckless, angry a-holes, especially those who profess to be "Real-Life Superheroes," and your hosts are dropping the filter and reminding you to adjust your focus on who you want to be and how you should spend your time. As always, they invite you to call in and offer your own tips. You can also join in the live chat room where we'll read your comments/questions on the air. 

In the wise words of one of our favorite bad bitches:

My goal is to always come from a place of love ...but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker.


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