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Dark Guardian Exposed; What you need to know. - Submission from Midnight

Hey guys! Midnight here.

Today I’d like to bring up a very special someone. Most of you know him widely as “Dark Guardian”, or Chris Pollack. Today I’d like to speak out about the disgusting acts this man has done in the community and how much of a division he has caused.

Dark Guardian operates in the NYC area. He has caught multiple drug dealers in parks and has done multiple patrols, here’s what YOU DON'T KNOW about him and his patrols though. According to an anonymous source, which of who was a former NYI/X-Alt member; Dark Guardian would ALLEGEDLY use the N-Word, otherwise known as the “Hard R” after his patrols in a derogatory fashion, which is obviously very immoral and to some, very racist.

As the years went by, he would continue going down a path of darkness. Much like the RLSH “Phoenix Jones” who started at later on in early 2010 after Dark Guardian who joined in the early 2000s.

One of DG’s heinous acts in the community involved a book publisher who had been releasing a book known as “Superhero University” in early 2020, around February-March. During that time frame between February and the book release (March 23rd), some serious accusations and rumors had popped up about the author, currently known as “Harbinger Ektoutheou”. According to a fake account posing as a child created by Dark Guardian which goes by “mariaboo2323” on Instagram, said they had wanted “Justice for what you did”, which was pointed towards the publisher, this had been later debunked that same week. It was soon found out that DG was behind the defamation of the publisher.



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Editor's note: The allegations of DG's racism have been stricken from this post due to a lack of collaborative evidence.

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Citizen Tiger Challenges 3 RLSH for Charity!

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DARST IN JAPAN! You honor me with your challenge. I went with my 80 lb bar. I choose to honor you by nominating three...

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How can you join in? 
"...name three people each and if they can hack it consider them challenged. What the hell
Take my advice. Fill it (this video) first before you accept the challenge. It's a lot harder than it looks" - Citizen Tiger

“I got a Bandaid for your Ass” - Super Yourself


A firey discussion that is bound to anger some people. We talk about reactions to a previous podcast and MJ’s video. The gang cuts loose on some of the negativity. How crime fighting has been erased from what a RLSH does. We discuss that the Golden age is far gone, training, what is a real life superhero, problems, solutions, and the future of real life superheroes.


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