Crimson Fist Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Their City

On September 17th, 2021, Crimson Fist of the California Initiative was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the city of Oakland for all the work and dedication they've put into helping and patrolling.

"Today I was honored to receive this certificate of appreciation from the Oakland city council and the people of #Chinatown #Oakland for my patrol work in the neighborhood, along with the other groups working to keep Chinatown safe. Suffice to say, today was a very cool day. #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate #ChinatownOakland #OaklandChinatown #SuperheroesAgainstRacialPrejudice #BayAreaSuperheroes #唐人街 #TheRedVest #TheInitiative #LoveChinatown #ProtectChinatown @protectoaklandchinatown @asian_frontliners @uplifting.our.elders" - Source

Congratulations to Crimson Fist, and may they continue to be an excellent example of superheroism.


After joining the RLSH Community in 2010, Discordia has gone on to be a number of things, from Chattanooga's Astrals's branch leader to the creator of the RLSH Network Projects, and more recently a lead Cyber Investigator for the NYI.


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