RLSH Raise Funds for St. Jude 2020!

2020 has not been pulling any punches, but that's not stopped the RLSH Community from doing all they can to help others. The multiple fundraisers for St. Jude is a prime example of this. Details and links to donate below!


Nyght Family of the XJL in San Diego, California:

St. Judes warrior dash is coming up this year if you haven’t heard. We’re gonna be doing a virtual run This year and I’m gonna do things a little differently.

1) I will carry 1/2 pound for every dollar I raise. Meaning if I raise $200 I’ll be carrying 100 lbs. etc. now if I get more than my ability to carry, I’ll have to figure out a longer distance. Ie instead of a 5K it turns into 4 miles or more.
2) everyone who donates (from $1-$10000) I’m gonna wear your name as a patch. It will most likely be an envelope sticker but I will make sure it’s visible and on my flack (yes I will be rocking full gear... like I’ve done at every race)
3) I will award the top the donators to me with a completely original piece of handmade art work (sizes will roughly be around 24x18 but I am flexible ish) that I will personally sign and mail to you or if you’re in California I will personally deliver it.

Here’s is what I am asking of you: if you can afford it, even just $1 the kids of St. Jude’s could really use it. If you cannot I completely understand. The world is rough right now and I get being financially strapped. So come join me! Message me and we can link up and do the walk/run/kike together. Obviously with a safe distance but we can do it together. No cost. Just show up, raise support together. The race will be nov 14th this year. I can’t tell you how much it means to have so much support over the years and I want you to know that it’s you who gives me the strength to do it. You’ve got this... and I’ve got you!



Citizen Tiger of the XJL in Huntington, Indiana:

Campaign milestones! I have been training all year to help the kids at St. Jude's and i was afraid i wouldn't get the chance to this year. Since there isn't much time i have decided to keep it simple and entertaining.

-If WE receive $100 in donations i will pull a car 100 yards! 

-If WE receive $200 in donations i will tow a car 100 yards behind me!

-If WE receive $300 in donations   i will push the family sedan 1 mile!



Impact of the XJL in  Saint Petersburg, Florida:

Hey all, like many people on your feed, I am raising money for St Jude’s!
I don’t have a bunch of donation incentives chosen yet, but you know imma make myself look dumb if you throw money my way
Stay tuned

I am doing a virtual 5k fundraiser for St Jude’s
Every person that donates, I’ll write their name on my arms during the run
For every $100 raised, I’ll let my karate students attack me with boppers for a minute. So $200 is 2 minutes, $300 is 3, and so on. If you’ve ever been in a fight, you know those minutes add up
I’ll face paint the highest donor’s name across my forehead for the run
$500 raised and I’ll also run in a skirt
$800, and I’ll go for a dress



Animal of the XJL in Fort Wayne, Illinois:

My goal is to raise $1000 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by November 14th. This is in place of The Warrior Dash that will sadly not be happening this year. And to encourage you guys to donate, I am willing to humiliate myself! The goals go as follows:
$50 - I will say "Thank You" 50 times.
$100 - I will take a whipped cream pie to the face.
$150 - I will pour a bucket of ice water over my head.
$200 - I will blast myself with Diet Coke and Mentos.
$300 - I will paint a self portrait while blindfolded.
$400 - I will shave my head and face.
$500 - I will do a Fitness Challenge designed by Citizen Tiger
$600 - I will eat a half batch of Red Rooster Bread's Cookies N' Cream Cupcakes
$700 - I will take a Jell-O bath.
$800 - I will have two dozen raw eggs thrown at me.
$900 - I will be covered in peanut butter.
$1000 - I will dress up as a duck and have my friends play a game of Duck Hunt. (With paintball guns)
And if we blow by my goal...
$2000 - I do everything again, BACKWARDS!
On Monday, November 16th, I will do a live stream on Facebook completing the many challenges that you all set before me.
Donate at this link:

MisFits 4 Life

Here are some answers to our questions on this year’s virtual 5K walk or run event on Nov 14.

1. DC Wonder Woman & Batman Run registration fees are $40 per person. There are no discounts available. But here’s the good news: You can still join our team without a fee. You can still walk or run with us on Nov 14 and if you want to raise money for St Jude, you can still do that. You just won’t get any DC swag.

2. St Jude has provided us with a fundraising page setup link that I used to create this year’s team page called “Misfits 4 Life 2020”, located here and with no registration fees!
https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR/Heroes/Heroes?pg=team&fr_id=120931&team_id=260671  All you have to do is click the “Join Team Button” to join the team and create your page.
Note: This link setup is the same type of setup we have used to create each of our prior year fundraising pages. After you create your personal fundraising page, you should be automatically added to our team, but if not, you may need to search for our team “Misfits 4 Life 2020” and join the team. And as always, you can customize your donation page with a photo and message. Also, if you use your old login details you may still have access to your mailing list of people who made donations last year which is a bonus!
Also, when you set up your personal page, you will see “MY EVENT” listed as:
2020 Team St. Jude Memphis, Tennessee • December 31, 2020
This will not affect us in any way. The event is listed this way because it is a virtual event that takes place between now and the end of the year, and the hospital located in Memphis.

About the DC Wonder Woman and DC Batman 5k Virtual Run option:
3. For anyone interested in joining the Wonder Woman or Batman 5k virtual run series the real benefit you get by going this route is that you get the DC swag, but the cost of the swag is the $40 registration fee. This may be worth it to you as the swag is fun! You can sign up for either of those events, but please still create your personal fundraising page with the link listed below so that our entire group is all in one place.
Wonder Woman sign-up: https://dcwonderwomanrun.com/ 
Batman sign-up: https://dcbatmanrun.com/virtual/ 

From me (Rock):
You can join us from your own home! No need to travel, no need to do a 5K, no need to fundraise (although the kids could use it),
Just commit to some type of activity, join our group by asking to be a part of the Facebook group (where you can find more answers), and prepare to HERO UP on Nov 14th with the rest of us!!
Be sure to spread the word on these fundraisers, and help make their goals to change the lives of these kids a reality!
And if I missed yours, feel free to send me the details and I'll add it to this article.
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