At approximately 10:25 PM EST on January 21st, 2021, the NYI Cyber Division and outside investigator Resurrection (who worked independently on the case) - and later a member of The Astrals - was made aware of a self-described superhero who resides in Scotland known as “Night Raider” allegedly participating in the act of sexual exploitation of a minor, as well as receiving and storing illegal pornographic materials from multiple sources.

After properly gathering all evidence, the investigators promptly contacted the FBI office in the U.S. Embassy in London, which works with international law enforcement, to make them aware of the alleged criminal activity. A local Astrals member also visited Watt’s local police station, who refused to do anything about the issue, stating it was “out of their jurisdiction”.

The author of this article - as well as the NYI, Astrals, and many other RLSH - would like to state that such actions (as well as aiding and abetting) will not be tolerated in or by the RLSH Community/Movement at large and any such persons will be handled with all due respect to the law upon discovery.

Listen to the confession for yourself below.



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After joining the RLSH Community in 2010, Discordia has gone on to be a number of things, from Chattanooga's Astrals's branch leader to the creator of the RLSH Network Projects, and more recently a lead Cyber Investigator for the NYI.


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