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Armed and Dangerous: RLSH or Vigilante? - Heroes 101 Radio




Thanks again to this week's guests, callers and chatroom participants for a great, thought-provoking show! We hope it proves useful for some of you.
Treesong, Olde School, Sky Knight, Discordia, Dark Defender, Proteus, Ferryman, and anyone we missed, thanks for all of your input to the discussion. Here are a few of the links we discussed:
American Madness: The Story of the Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness (by Tea Krulos):

How Can We Help? Problems Vs Solutions, Round 1 - Heroes 101



It's "Avengers, Assemble!" 

Not, "Avengers, Assemble when you get your costume together, or raise $200 for outreach supplies, or get more teammates, or ..."

You've got problems, sure. Who doesn't? But what are some real-life superheroes doing that keeps them able to help their communities (even when they're broke, depressed, alone, etc.)? 

In this episode, we're inviting you to bring your reasons/roadblocks and we're inviting our fellow RLSH to bring suggestions and solutions. Let's work this out and strengthen our hero game!

Tuesday, March 10 at7 PM PST


Full phone lines tonight!
Thanks to all our callers:
Brennan Cox, Red Ranger, Vector, Pixi Styx, Discordia, Skye Knight, and Dark Defender, as well as chatroom lurkers Spectral Hawk, flycatch, and deflykt.
We'll see you for Part Two of this discussion in three weeks!
Here are a few relevant links we mentioned on-air tonight to tide you over:
RLSH Locator Map (Impact):
RLSH.net and the RLSH.net wiki (Discordia):
Novels by Treesong:
Adventures of Miss fit (featuring Missy Fitzgerald):
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Jaguar and Impact St Pete Patrol and 4ocean Community Clean Up

On Friday, 1/24, Jaguar and Impact went on patrol in Downtown St Pete! They handed out supplies to people in need, and met a few new friends!

Special thank you to Skye Knight for running oracle for the team on Friday!

On Saturday morning, they joined 4ocean for the 4ocean Community Clean up on #StPeteBeach!



#BCG #BayCoastGuardians #Impact #Jaguar #StPetersburg #XtremeJusticeLeague #XJL #RLSH #StPeteSuperheroes #communityoutreach #homelessoutreach #StreetSafety #4ocean #ThisIsTampaBay #Bangarang

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