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Team Spotlight: X-Faction

In 2020, The Grim left the XJL and created the X-Faction. I was curious what they have been up to, and had to ask about the Minority Report series on YouTube as well as what else they were doing. Below is my interview with Brick, one of the co-leaders.

“What are your goals with the Minority Report? What's it all about?”

“XFaction is a fairly diverse group of individuals with intent on promoting social change and justice. We started the Minority report series for a few reasons. We wanted to highlight "minority" voices and struggles and uplift community organizations as well. This series allows individuals an outlet to share their journey/story in effort to educate others while breaking down stereotypes.”

“What made you want to start?”

“We were all members or former members of the XJL and have worked together for a few years. We originally started by attending local protests in the wake of George Floyds death. Grim started getting our feedback and interest about forging a new group focused on issues affecting minority communities with an immediate target around BLM and racial inequity.”


“What other things has XFaction been working on or doing you'd like to talk and get the word out about?”

“X-Faction maintains its sovereignty while members do assist and promote events, actions, and activities of other groups with similar agendas. We are actively recruiting and have a social media presence via youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

We are currently in the middle of "BlackOut SD". This is a coordinated effort between our local network of organizations to provide daily enrichment during the entire month in honor of Black History Month. Details can be found on our calendar but we have discussions, classes, movies, games, poetry, and more events planned.”

Thank you Brick for the interview!

Feel free to read more about X-Faction and check out their social media pages below.

X-Faction - RLSH Wiki | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram


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