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Citizen Tiger Challenges 3 RLSH for Charity!

So i have been challenged by a friend in Japan to take on this challenge. You can do any exercise you want that is an up...

Posted by Citizen Tiger on Sunday, April 26, 2020


DARST IN JAPAN! You honor me with your challenge. I went with my 80 lb bar. I choose to honor you by nominating three...

Posted by Citizen Tiger on Sunday, April 26, 2020
How can you join in? 
"...name three people each and if they can hack it consider them challenged. What the hell
Take my advice. Fill it (this video) first before you accept the challenge. It's a lot harder than it looks" - Citizen Tiger

“I got a Bandaid for your Ass” - Super Yourself


A firey discussion that is bound to anger some people. We talk about reactions to a previous podcast and MJ’s video. The gang cuts loose on some of the negativity. How crime fighting has been erased from what a RLSH does. We discuss that the Golden age is far gone, training, what is a real life superhero, problems, solutions, and the future of real life superheroes.


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