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Armed and Dangerous: RLSH or Vigilante? - Heroes 101 Radio




Thanks again to this week's guests, callers and chatroom participants for a great, thought-provoking show! We hope it proves useful for some of you.
Treesong, Olde School, Sky Knight, Discordia, Dark Defender, Proteus, Ferryman, and anyone we missed, thanks for all of your input to the discussion. Here are a few of the links we discussed:
American Madness: The Story of the Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness (by Tea Krulos):

SHOTS FIRED - Heroes 101 Radio

In light of the recent shooting tragedy in Seattle, and the efforts of a Real-Life Superhero Team, Emerald City Heroes Organization (ECHO), to help the victim, along with ensuing coverage and incorrect narrative of the event by a right-wing publication, we invite callers and live chat-room participants to voice their opinions on the event and the responses of both media and the RLSH community.
Tuesday June 30, 7PM PT
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Atrocity Guide's video on Phoenix Jones - A Response from Dark Defender

The Video:

I want to clarify a number of things...

  1. A lot of us in the RLSH community were out long before Phoenix Jones ever existed.
  2. And just about 99% of us don't follow Phoenix Jones' example.
  3. And the RLSH Community is definitely not over, it's just beginning into a new era. I've been in the community long enough to know that it's far from over. And more are popping up all the time, there's even a complete and legitimate directory of the most current active and retired RLSH and more are being added just about every day.
  4. The RLSH Community is a lot like The World-Renowned Organization The Guardian Angels the only BIG difference is we just add a super hero flair to it and some GA members are also part of the RLSH Community too and offer more advanced training to be more professional in what we do some are even part of a Citizen Police Academy in their area, CERT, etc.
  5. We prefer to be overall professional as much as possible in what we do and follow and study up on our local, state, and federal laws (which is always highly recommended).
  6. As far as the whole "weapons things" goes, we would more recommend Non-lethal with professional training from a trained expert.

Phoenix Jones at the beginning was okay but he let the Fame and Fortune get to his head by messing around with women, stealing other people's money (including his members of the original RCSM-Rain City Superhero Movement), and he became the kind of person to just wanting to gain more attention.

And now because of the "drug incident," he has become an even worse example of being a Real Life Superhero.

Benjamin Fodor AKA Phoenix Jones even remotely coming back into the Real Life Superhero (RLSH) community is not a welcoming idea at all, under a different persona? Maybe, I don't know and only time will tell.

That's all I have to say for now.


Dark Defender has been an RLSH since 2012 and is the founder of the JAI. You can contact him with the information provided in the embedded links.


Gear Fails, Part 1 - RLSH 2.0



In this part 1 episode of our Two Part Series we talk with Death Moth's Head(DHM), Justin Service, and Red Ranger from the Real Life Superhero Community about things to carry and what not to carry for Patrols that are practical. Stay Tuned for Part 2 Next Week on March 26 when we share epic Stories of interesting gear fails while on Patrols!


How Can We Help? Problems Vs Solutions, Round 1 - Heroes 101



It's "Avengers, Assemble!" 

Not, "Avengers, Assemble when you get your costume together, or raise $200 for outreach supplies, or get more teammates, or ..."

You've got problems, sure. Who doesn't? But what are some real-life superheroes doing that keeps them able to help their communities (even when they're broke, depressed, alone, etc.)? 

In this episode, we're inviting you to bring your reasons/roadblocks and we're inviting our fellow RLSH to bring suggestions and solutions. Let's work this out and strengthen our hero game!

Tuesday, March 10 at7 PM PST


Full phone lines tonight!
Thanks to all our callers:
Brennan Cox, Red Ranger, Vector, Pixi Styx, Discordia, Skye Knight, and Dark Defender, as well as chatroom lurkers Spectral Hawk, flycatch, and deflykt.
We'll see you for Part Two of this discussion in three weeks!
Here are a few relevant links we mentioned on-air tonight to tide you over:
RLSH Locator Map (Impact):
RLSH.net and the RLSH.net wiki (Discordia):
Novels by Treesong:
Adventures of Miss fit (featuring Missy Fitzgerald):

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