HOPE Portland 2020

This year the RLSH Community actually did manage to have a successful HOPE event, this time in Portland on July 10th.

Organized by local team Iron Squadron, RLSH/X-Alt members from various states traveled and pitched in to help deliver supplies to the homeless population in Portland, Oregon.

People present included Ace, PixiStyx, Star Child, Knuckles, Willow, Xeno, SkyMan, Fairy Rose, Red Ranger, Justin Service, NightBug, Rock N Roll, and Knight Owl. They represented teams Iron Squadron, The ][nitiative, ECHO, and HONR.

The supplies distributed included water, food, hygiene packs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, masks, pet supplies, and lots of socks - all items in high demand by the vulnerable population who often struggle with accessing such essential things, especially in a pandemic.

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How Can We Help? Problems Vs Solutions, Round 1 - Heroes 101



It's "Avengers, Assemble!" 

Not, "Avengers, Assemble when you get your costume together, or raise $200 for outreach supplies, or get more teammates, or ..."

You've got problems, sure. Who doesn't? But what are some real-life superheroes doing that keeps them able to help their communities (even when they're broke, depressed, alone, etc.)? 

In this episode, we're inviting you to bring your reasons/roadblocks and we're inviting our fellow RLSH to bring suggestions and solutions. Let's work this out and strengthen our hero game!

Tuesday, March 10 at7 PM PST


Full phone lines tonight!
Thanks to all our callers:
Brennan Cox, Red Ranger, Vector, Pixi Styx, Discordia, Skye Knight, and Dark Defender, as well as chatroom lurkers Spectral Hawk, flycatch, and deflykt.
We'll see you for Part Two of this discussion in three weeks!
Here are a few relevant links we mentioned on-air tonight to tide you over:
RLSH Locator Map (Impact):
RLSH.net and the RLSH.net wiki (Discordia):
Novels by Treesong:
Adventures of Miss fit (featuring Missy Fitzgerald):

Iron Squadron will be at H.O.P.E. Portland

The Iron Squadron posted yesterday asking for assistance so they can better help with an upcoming H.O.P.E. event! Here is what PixiStyx had to say.


Good evening fellow humans and humanitarians!
I am excited to tell you that Iron Squadron will be doing Portland HOPE at the end of this month (March 28th). HOPE is where we hand out care packages to our houseless neighbors in the most underserved locations. we have other teams of Real Life Super Heroes coming into town to help us distribute, but we like to involve our online community as much as we can.
We are currently looking for donations!
We are looking for new/gently used/clean:
We are also looking for packs of wipes
Snack items
Lotion - any kind or size
Hand sanitizer.
Obviously this is a relatively global post given it's going to reach several different countries. If you're willing to purchase items from amazon or mail items to us, please PM me for the address. We are also accepting monetary donations via PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you're interested in Iron Squadron and what we do, you can look at our team page here:

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