S.I.P. PSYCHE: Anxiety, Crazy Dreams, & The Need To Patrol w/Dr. Avrille Polack - Heroes 101 Radio



Sleep? What's that??

Are you having strange dreams? Is your anxiety/depression/fear a constant companion? Do you (now more than ever) want to go outside for a homeless outreach event or patrol? 
You're not alone. 

We've invited one of our favorite psychologists, Dr. Avrille Polack to join us. We'll discuss ways to help you cope while still trying to save the world. Another great episode for RLSH and all you other heroes. 

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The International Hero Cooperative Fundraiser for National SuperHero Day

For National Superhero Day, The International Hero Cooperative is running a fundraiser for Support For Families Of Children With Disabilities. This nonprofit helps “ensure that families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need have the knowledge and support to make informed choices that enhance their children''s development and well being”.

This foundation provides free services to affected families by providing clinics, support groups, training, fun developmental activities for disabled children, etc. They are based in San Francisco, California, but help families throughout the entire state.

Spectral Hawk and the other admin in the IHC (Beacon, Black Mantis, and Löwenhardt) chose this particular charity as their research indicates the Covid-19 Pandemic has heavily impacted those with disabilities. Unfortunately, these foundations are being hit hard by the virus and are not receiving the funding necessary to maintain their mission due to the virus.

Please consider donating to this amazing foundation to help support their mission during these difficult times. Thank you!

Link to Fundraiser

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COVID-19, What Can You Do?

I've seen a number of people wondering what they can do during this crisis, or what more they can do to help if they can't go out on a patrol or homeless outreach or anything else that requires going outside. What can you do while in quarantine? I've made a list here, and feel free to do your own research on things you can do to help.

  • Check out r/COVIDProjects on Reddit and see if there are any needs you can fill... there are a LOT of things listed here alone.
  • Keep an eye out on your neighbor's homes/property while they are out working or getting supplies or sleeping.
  • Read your local social network groups/boards/etc to see what's happening locally and if there is anything you can do to assist others in your area.
  • Share missing persons/pets posters online.
  • Talk to your family and friends (excluding abusive/toxic family) over text/video chat/call, they need to know you're there for them and to be reassured that things are still alright. Even if you're in quarantine, they may also have things they need to get off their chest in these trying times.
  • Study survival skills in order to better help yourself and others if such skills are ever needed.
  • Download https://fold.it/ on your computer, play the game to help scientists solve the COVID-19 problem. (Credit to Löwenhardt/Shieldmaiden for this idea)
  • Download Quarantine@Home and donate your spare computer power to testing possible medications for the disease.

High Risk:

  • Do glove pickups while making a point to be safe yourself - use your own gloves, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and sanitize everything! (Credit to Wedjat/Phil Stafford)

Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to share and tell your friends and colleagues your own ideas.


Netflix, Toilet Paper, & Quarantinis - A COVID-19 Show For RLSH - Heroes 101 Radio



Everywhere you look, there are instructions on how to help yourself and others during this pandemic. But where can you find advice and information on what to do when you're used to being the one who helps? WHO HELPS THE HELPERS?

In this special episode, Rock, Impact, and 'Bug will discuss how to make/find survival essentials, whether RLSH should even continue patrolling during this time, and we'll do a check-in to see how RLSH are handling the quarantine in their areas.

Tune in Tuesday, March 24th @ 7pm PT/10pm ET!


Thanks everyone for taking time out from your busy social isolation to join us tonight: Red Ranger, Zyklon B, Brennan Cox, and SkyMan on the phone lines and Spectral Hawk, Discordia, Lumin-il and Brouwer0715 in the chatroom!

See you next week for Frank Todaro (aka the current voice of Starscream on Transformers: War for CyberTron), and hopefully you can catch the lovely Roxanne Cai's online concert on Thursday:

Take care everyone, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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