COVID-19, What Can You Do?

I've seen a number of people wondering what they can do during this crisis, or what more they can do to help if they can't go out on a patrol or homeless outreach or anything else that requires going outside. What can you do while in quarantine? I've made a list here, and feel free to do your own research on things you can do to help.

  • Check out r/COVIDProjects on Reddit and see if there are any needs you can fill... there are a LOT of things listed here alone.
  • Keep an eye out on your neighbor's homes/property while they are out working or getting supplies or sleeping.
  • Read your local social network groups/boards/etc to see what's happening locally and if there is anything you can do to assist others in your area.
  • Share missing persons/pets posters online.
  • Talk to your family and friends (excluding abusive/toxic family) over text/video chat/call, they need to know you're there for them and to be reassured that things are still alright. Even if you're in quarantine, they may also have things they need to get off their chest in these trying times.
  • Study survival skills in order to better help yourself and others if such skills are ever needed.
  • Download on your computer, play the game to help scientists solve the COVID-19 problem. (Credit to Löwenhardt/Shieldmaiden for this idea)
  • Download [email protected] and donate your spare computer power to testing possible medications for the disease.

High Risk:

  • Do glove pickups while making a point to be safe yourself - use your own gloves, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and sanitize everything! (Credit to Wedjat/Phil Stafford)

Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to share and tell your friends and colleagues your own ideas.

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