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ECHO in CHOP: Video and Patrol Log of the June 20 2020 Shooting

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New video footage of the June 20th shooting aftermath is now online.

ECHO Patrol Report: 6/19-20/2020
Patrol Time: 23:30 - 04:00
Location: Capitol Hill, Seattle / CHOP
Roll Call: Red Ranger, Justin Service

We began patrol around the area again shortly before midnight. There were lots of fireworks going off into the air around the CHOP. We approached 10th & Pine and noticed street medics struggling with a man who had sat down in one of their wheelchairs and refused to get up. The man was mentally ill and shouting that he was God, and did not have socks or shoes on his feet. With everyone else at a loss, Red Ranger obtained a pair of socks from the street medic station and knelt down to speak to the man. After listening to him, Red Ranger de-escalated, gave him the socks, and the man was agreeable enough to get up from the wheelchair and leave of his own accord. The medics thanked us for our help and we continued our patrol.
We saw some fights and arguments near where people were lighting off fireworks, and after we were crowded and others were trying to de-escalate, we attempted to move to a different position to monitor the situation.

At 02:20, we heard several gunshots ring out from the west. We ran as fast as we could towards the gunfire while telling others to get to cover. We arrived at 10th & Pine to find medics attempting to treat two victims who had been shot. We did our best to assist the medics on scene and keep the area clear so they could try to save the victims. Several people swarmed the area, and medics did their best to help the victims. We assisted with clearing a path to get victims to the medic vehicles, which were also swarmed by people. We moved to get people back off of the vehicle so that the medics could evacuate the victim they had on board to the hospital. They evacuated and we continued our patrol in the area to ensure the safety of everyone there in the midst of the chaos.

As of this posting, one young man was killed and the other is in critical condition. The killer/killers have yet to be identified or apprehended. If you have any information on the identity of whoever committed this awful crime, please come forward.
Stay safe, everyone



 Disclaimer: There was an error in processing the date on the body cam and it should more clearly read 6.20.2020.

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ECHO Patrol Log & Video in CHOP - June 14-15, 2020

ECHO Patrol Report: 6/14-15/2020
Patrol Time: 23:30 - 04:00
Location: Capitol Hill, Seattle/CHOP
Roll Call: Red Ranger, Justin Service, Spirit Fox
We began our patrol around the CHOP area shortly before midnight and mobilized through the area. A man approached us and informed us that his bag had been stolen, and that it had his medication in it. He gave us a description of the bag and asked us for our help, which we obliged.
After walking around for a while, we located the bag. It was in the arms of a person who appeared homeless and mentally ill. He was dancing around with the bag and putting various items into the bag seemingly at random. Others in the area wondered how to retrieve the bag safely and without conflict, so Red Ranger walked up to the man and told him that the bag he was holding belonged to someone else. The man denied this and tired to leave in the opposite direction, but Red Ranger put a gentle hand on the man's shoulder and informed him that someone's medication was in that bag and they really needed it back. After this explanation, the man calmly handed the bag over to Red Ranger. With the situation de-escalated and the taken property retrieved, we returned to the owner of the bag, who confirmed that all of his belongings and medication were still safely inside. He thanked us and we continued.
We later happened upon a scene at 10th & Pine where a mentally ill man was taking whip-its and throwing objects out of his nearby, nonoperational car at protesters. Our team approached him and attempted to de-escalate, and the man agreed to stop throwing objects and take a nap. We moved on once it was clear there was no more danger.
Later on in the night, close to 02:30, after assisting with some de-escalation between two angry gentlemen, a woman approached our team and said that a man was sexually harassing her. She pointed him out to us and others in the area. We moved to escort the man out of the area, and though he protested quite loudly, departed the area without further incident.
Patrol ended around 04:00
Stay safe, all.

Patrol update from the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. We were able to stop lots of crime tonight. We recovered stolen...

Posted by Ranger Redford Echo on Monday, June 15, 2020

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