“Truth” - Submission from Christopher Pattison and Olga (BellaDonna)

The sunset of yellows and reds glowed resplendently inside the plane’s cabin. We were flying above a blanket of cerise cumulus. Moments like this are inspiring, however, the real inspiration was bestowed from Dale’s communications. The highlight of my travel east was the Logan’s Run photoshoot that the motivation from Dale had been the catalyst for us to organize.

This was one of many such moments that we were enriched in positive energy from Dale. And these were via distance so I can imagine being in Dale’s close presence must have been truly incredible.

Initially, I wanted to pen significantly more but sometimes less is more so I will conclude with one more thought - the last word Dale wrote to me was “truth”. Truth is that he will always be remembered and like that sunset, his light will shine uniquely….

- Christopher Pattison and Olga (BellaDonna)


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