In memory of Dale Pople 1968-2020 - Anonymous Submission

“Damn. These dudes are always buff and powerful, Bug bite, alien from another planet, and a god with a pointy helmet.”
- A young boy after watching The Avengers in the theatres for the first time.


What does it mean to be a superhero?

I will give you some time to answer this question. Is that the supernatural abilities? Or the costume? Or maybe their understandable and relatable motivation?

For me it’s being a symbol of hope; empowering others to do to help others and more importantly; to empower them against their battles with their own demons. For me, Dale Pople is a true superhero

He was what being a superhero was about. Not the powers nor the costumes, but that desire to do good. A good pep talk can save a good person from breaking bad. A simple smile can save someone from depression

and suicide. Telling a special needs child that he’ll walk again can motivate him to continue his path of treatment and living a happy life.

He wasn’t a god, or an alien. No. He was one of us. He was human.

To everyone who helped his/her fellow human.

To everyone who put a smile on an ill kid’s face

To everyone who gave his/her friends a chance to open up.

You’re Dale Pople, You’re Superhero

Superhero is in all of us. He is every man and woman who help their fellow human. Whether big or small

R.I.P Superhero.

Your body has left this world. But you’re in all our hearts.

Now go out there and be a hero 😀


- Anonymous


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