ECHO Patrol Update - March 21 2020

Patrol update from tonight!
We patrolled North Seattle again looking to deter crime, since we've noticed that recently SPD has been patrolling less frequently.
We did some wellness checks and had a few incidents that we responded to.
SkyMan, Justin Service, Iron Baron, and I mobilized on Aurora Ave and patrolled looking for crime. After walking around for a while, we made our presence known and saw lots of the usual suspicious activity begin to clear out. Baron and SkyMan had to evac around 1am, so Justin Service and I continued the patrol as a duo.
We happened upon a man who was running down the road, shouting "I'm gonna kill you", so we followed him and attempted to intervene verbally and deescalate. He threatened us and shouted profanities and ran away, so we called dispatch to keep an eye out for him, and they were able to later intercept him.
Shortly thereafter, we found a woman working as a prostitute who approached us on the street. She called herself "Giggles" and we told her to stay safe and to let us know if anyone acted unsafe towards her or attempted to harm her. She thanked us and a short while later called out to us when a car full of aggressive gentlemen approached her and followed her, shouting. We ran towards the vehicle and heard them exclaiming something to the effect of "the superheroes are coming, they can't find us with this sh*t. Drive!! Go!!" We ran forward and the car peeled out, leaving the area. The woman thanked us and we stayed in the area to make sure things were safe.
Later we identified a car we'd seen roaming the area all night and last night as well, a black Jeep, posted up in an area known for unsavory transactions. We posted up and after a while of seeing us there, he attempted to try to spin us a yarn about why he was there, that he was on call as a water treatment worker for Long County, and was just "hanging out". We figured he wasn't telling the truth, and after seeing a few people approach his vehicle window suspiciously, we decided to call in the tip to dispatch also. He jeered at us and left the area, cursing as he drove away.
Finally we went to the Arco gas station located on Northgate Way & Aurora Ave, and kept an eye out for nefarious activity. We saw a car doing what appeared to be drug trading, as we again saw people coming to and from the window pretty quickly. We called dispatch and I loudly asked if anyone was selling Girl Scout Cookies to get attention. Then I loudly stated that any nefarious activity was being recorded. The car began to drive away, but not before the driver made sure to open their door and spit at us, undoubtedly a sign of their contempt that we disallowed their activities for the night. All the same to me, so we remained steadfast.
We then found a car in the same parking lot that had been idling since we started our patrol, so over three hours at least. We were worried someone might need help inside, so we tried to make contact with them to see if they did. There was one person inside, but they wouldn't talk to us. After asking if they were okay and not getting a response, we decided to call for medical assistance to do a wellness check. We left and called it a night after doing one final loop to make sure the streets were clear of trouble.
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